Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Will YouTube Retrieve the FOX Puck?

I've been partaking in a whole new world of wasted time now that the NHL has started uploading highlight videos.

This is a great move for the NHL, potentially discovering a huge market that simply doesn't know about the game. Mainstream media coverage of the NHL is sparse at best, in the US at least, and on-demand highlights is arguably an entirely different product than current coverage.

For one thing, you can watch the shows repeatedly, allowing you to see exactly what happened in the play. Hockey is a fast-paced game, and often the great plays are virtually invisible. Slow-motion replays on TV deal with this in one manner; on-demand highlights do the same in another manner.

Of course, YouTube videos are limited in size and resolution, so capturing the essence of hockey is hampered further. The puck is extremely difficult to see, which for viewers unfamiliar with the game is a major problem. It raises the scillinating question: Are we far from the FOX Puck rising from the ashes to new glory on the internet?

The FOX Puck. From Zero to Hero, YouTube way.

Update Jan. 19th: I found this clip that shows the Fox Puck in action. Owen Nolan's hat trick at the 97 All-Star Game. It helps a bit, but not enough for it to make much difference. "YouTube Puck" maybe?


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